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Attention: As of the version 3.8.4 release (November 2017), the Video Call online help will be located at

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The Administrator Guide is for people who...

This section describes the activities related to configuring the Video Call Management Platform to suit the needs of your organisation, its clinical services, and its personnel.

To access these features of the Video Call Management Platform, you must have the appropriate administrator role.

Administrator roles

There are four types of administrator:

Portal Administrator

A Portal Administrator has full control at the Portal level. They can create new Organisational Units, add people to Groups and Waiting Rooms, assign roles, and view all calls in progress to any Organisational Unit within the Portal.

Note: Only your Video Call supplier has people with the Portal Administrator role. There will be none assigned within your organisation.

Organisation Administrator An Organisation Administrator has full control over the Organisational Unit. They can create and make changes to the Organisational Unit's components (including Groups and Waiting Areas) assign roles, view reports, add people to Groups and Waiting Areas in the Organisational Unit, and view all calls in progress to Meeting Rooms and Waiting Areas in the Organisational Unit.
Service Administrator A Service Administrator can make changes to the Waiting Area's properties, add people to the Waiting Area as staff, assign roles to the Waiting Area's staff, view calls in the Waiting Area, and suspend/resume video call access to the Waiting Area.
Group Administrator A Group Administrator can assign roles to people in the Group, make changes to Group information, invite people to the Group, create Meeting Rooms, and use those Meeting Rooms.

Who can assign administrator roles?

  • Portal Administrators can create Organisation Administrators 
  • Organisation Administrators can create Service Administrators  and Group Administrators
  • Service Administrators can create additional Service Administrators for their own Waiting Area
  • Group Administrators can create additional Group Administrators for their own Group

(info) Administrator roles are assigned per Organisational Unit, Waiting Area, and Group.



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